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There are children who are very busy, take toys from their peers, walk from one place to another and can not sit in the same place for a long time. They fail to finish the tasks they are asked for and, at times, show aggressive attitudes and behavior that can often be mistaken for indiscipline, but may actually be a feature of the attention disorder. It is very important to know the causes and symptoms of this and other Learning Disorder, Reading and Writing Difficulty, and the Literacy Process to deal confidently with each situation. The importance of affectivity for example can bring good results for the cognitive development of the child with ADHD, in addition it is necessary Psychopedagogical Interventions with the use of educational Games as an instrument to optimize the cognitive development of the child. Identificar os tipos de TDAH e como intervir para otimizar o processo leitura, escrita e Compreender a importância da família para o desenvolvimento cognitivo da criança com TDAH.


O presente artigo centra-se na figura do arrumador de automóveis. O arrumador de automóveis é, a partir do que revelam os dados de terreno, conceptualizado como uma figura do trabalho informal e como um novo utilizados da cidade city user , que vem da periferia social para participar, espacial e relacionalmente, no centro — e, nessa medida, ser também seu construtor. This paper focuses on informal parking attendants. It locates the rise of such business in relation with street-drugs actors and their behaviours. According to the empirical data, informal parking attendants are seen as underground economy workers and as a new type of city user: one that comes from the margins of society to take part, both in spatial and relational terms, in its centre. Thus, they can also be seen as builders of that centre. Agra ; Fernandes ,