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Its starting point was the observation of the called absenteeism in this professional universe, for illness reasons. Administration staff, though, attribute it to classroom escape. Based on an investigation that was intended to listen to the teachers, this text aims to discuss some elements involving this issue, considering the historical relation between elementary education and female work. Keywords: Elementary school teachers, Occupational health, Gender relations. Carvalhop. As doenças do aparelho respiratório correspondem a desde simples resfriados até problemas crônicos como amigdalite, laringite, faringite e lesões nas cordas vocais. Os problemas do aparelho locomotor abrangem entorses, cervicalgias, lumbago e, principalmente, desvios de coluna. Duraram em média duas horas, tendo sido gravadas. Foram entrevistadas nove mulheres.

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Abstract: The article focuses on sexism approaches in science communication based on the analysis of comments that received the highest number of likes and answers - among more than The study indicates a predominance of negative repercussion on the narrative conducted by a woman in an environment originally occupied by male presenters. The analysis also points to ways in which women find themselves in a position of vulnerability as science communicators, considering prejudices, stereotypes and disqualification as components of socio-cultural, economic, and political processes that weaken the performance of women in institutions that hold statuses of privilege - such as Science. Disqualifying stereotypes about women indicate how science and science communication have cleavages, inequalities and hierarchies in gender relations, and also indicate the need to develop a critical awareness on how gender stereotypes influence science and science communication Keywords: Sexism, Science Communication, YouTube, Comments, Vulnerability, Sexism, Science Communication, YouTube, Comments, Vulnerability.