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E-mail: marcio. E-mail: elianerosemaio yahoo. Palavras-chave: Machismo. Violência Sexual. This behavior is not restricted to male chauvinist, but also the women chauvinist. This practice is learned in various social institutions, which is targeted the family, school and the media, for example. Given the above, this article was written by literature analysis and a brief case study, and its objective is to discuss, based on theories Foucaultian, feminist and precepts of Cultural Studies, as from two cases in particular of machismo — a practiced by a woman Spanish judgeand other case, occurred in Brazil, practiced by a police chief man responsible for investigation of collective rape - the formation of this practice so undesirable and violent. In addition, laws will be presented that help to combat violence against women Law


Realiza-se um breve percurso na História, destacando-se as definições para os termos natureza, feminismo e sexualidade, ressaltando-se as diferenças entre gênero e sexo, identidade de gênero e estereótipo, bem como sobre as regras de comportamento decorrentes desses valores. Palavras-chave:Relações de gênero. ABSTRACT Study on gender relations and contributions of teaching pratice to desmystify the differences and prejudices about sex sexism in romm-to-school. Held a brief passage in history, especially the definitions for the terms gender, sexuality and feminism, highlighting the differences between sex and gender, gender identity and stereotype, as well as on rules of behavior resulting from these values. It is noteworthy that the school should enable the development of critical thought from the understanding of the body and sexual differences as culturally created in the society, possessing key role in the demystification of these differences, besides being an important tool in building values and attitudes , allowing a more critical and reflective about the sexual and gender identities.

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